This week in Japan: October 9 - 15, 2005

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  • Saturday, October 15, 2005

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Pokémon Torō ze to have wireless functions

(Source: Pokeani)

When gamers who have the Torō ze game in their DSes pass near each other, they can exchange their "Agent Cards" and get new hints about obtaining rare Pokémon. This "bypass function" is referred to as Espionage. Apparently this wireless function in the DS has similar functions in Dungeon of Mystery Blue, although details are as of yet unconfirmed.

More Dungeon of Mystery details revealed

(Source: Pokeani, Pokeani)

Confirmed information:

  • Over 380 Pokémon will appear (most likely every known Pokémon will show up)
  • As your affection/frienship value increases, there are higher changes of wildPokémon joining your team
  • Pokémon have abilities much like in previous games
  • If you faint during a mission, a friend may be able to rescue you
  • Pokémon Torō ze and Dungeon of Mystery Blue have some type of connection made possible via the wireless function, but details are as of yet unknown
  • No interactivity with past games, even the other Dungeon of Mystery version
  • The "rescue badge" you possess is apparently some important item
  • The warehouse where you can store your collected items at is run by a Kangaskhan

In the central park area, the following shop/locations are confirmed:

  • Rescue Base: Your own claim to fame, where you can meet potential teammates, get requests, and other mail from Pelipper the mailman.
  • Kecleon Store: Store run by the Kecleon brothers, sells items and TMs
  • Persian Bank: Stores the cash in this world, called "Poké"
  • Kangaskan Warehouse: Store your collected items here, handy since you lose your items if you faint
  • Pelipper Contact Office: Your contact to the outside world; all sorts of requests and offers come here. Get in touch with other players via the communication options
  • Gulpin Connection Office: Lets you fuse/chain moves for 150 Pokémon, and can make you remember moves you've lost before. Can disassemble moves you've fused/chained as well
  • Wigglytuff Friends Circle: Lets you get area information for wild Pokémon, gives you a higher chance of befriending wild Pokémon if you know where they like to live
  • Makuhita Training Area: Good training and levelling-up place

Unleash combo attacks with the chain command.

  • Normally in the game you attack once per turn upon selecting a move out of the four you can memorize, but by chaining moves together, you can attack more smoothly. Before, you had to use Scratch and Leer in multiple turns, but by chaining them together you can use Leer and Scratch all in one turn for extra damage. Experiment with all the new options.

Friend rescue options
By helping your friends on missions, they can avoid losing items if they lose, and both can gain items and rescue points for their efforts. It flows roughly as follows:

  1. Send a "help me" mail to your friend when you fail a mission
  2. The receiver must make his or her way into the designated dungeon and find the distressed
  3. The rescuer must send a "revive mail" to the fallen, and will receive a thank you note after the mission is done. Players benefit in items and points this way.