Three-part climax of 'Best Wishes! Season 2: Episode N' set to air in April

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Iris's Dragonite to be available via PGL
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  • Tuesday, February 12, 2013
  • Reported on Bulbanews by Adyniz
    Originally reported in CoroCoro Comics magazine

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CoroCoro Comics page 57

According to the latest issue of the CoroCoro Comics magazine, the three-part climax of Best Wishes! Season 2: Episode N is set to air in April. The episodes are called:

  • 「白の遺跡!サトシ対N!!」 The White Ruins! Ash VS N!!, scheduled for April 4.
  • 「プラスマ団襲撃!復活の儀式!!」 Team Plasma Attacks! Ceremony of Revival!!, scheduled for April 11.
  • 「レシラム対N!理想と真実の彼方へ!!」 Reshiram VS N! Beyond Truth and Ideals!!, scheduled for April 18.

In addition, a Dragonite based on Iris's Dragonite was announced. It will be available via Pokémon Global Link promotion and have the moves Dragon Rush, Safeguard, Wing Attack and Thunder Punch. It will be at level 55 and have its Hidden Ability Multiscale. It requires a password which can be obtained by data transfer during the Pokémon anime episode that airs on March 14; this requires Japanese viewers to press the data button during the broadcast in order to obtain the password. It will be available for Black, White, Black 2, and White 2.

The magazine also hints that Ash's Charizard can now use Dragon Tail, a move which it has not previously used.

Thanks to Dogasu for getting the latest issue of CoroCoro Comics magazine.