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Usohachi, Manene, Manyula revealed
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  • Wednesday, April 13, 2005

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Manyula, Manene and Usohachi

The May 2005 issue of CoroCoro has finally unmasked the 3 mysterious Pokémon sillhouettes which have been circulating in the Pokémon community since last month, Usohachi, Manene, and Manyula. Together with Munchlax and Lucario, this puts the total number of known Generation IV Pokémon at 5.

The three new Pokémon will debut in the upcoming 8th movie, Mew and the Wave-Guiding Hero: Lucario, in Japan this summer.

Also revealed in this current CoroCoro issue is the type of Lucario — an interesting combination of Steel and Fighting. Lucario is seen using an energy attack in the movie 8 trailer, leading fans to believe that it must be at least part Psychic or Ghost. With its dual physical type, however, what could the type of this mysterious new attack be?

While most have suspected that Lucario is Aaron's Pokémon, the legendary wave-guiding hero, the relationship is actually that of disciple and master. CoroCoro speculates that they may both possess the mystical wave-guiding ability which stopped the ancient armoured Pokémon war many years ago.

The new Pokémon

CoroCoro hints that these Pokémon are all related to existing ones, with such rhetorical questions as "Why do I feel like I have seen this black-bodied, hook-clawed Pokémon [Manyula] before?"

マニューラ Manyula
Species かぎづめ Hookedclaw
Height 1.1m (3'7")
Weight 34.0kg (74.9lb)

A black-bodied Pokémon that stands out with a big crest and hooked claws. This Pokémon usually travels in pairs instead of alone.

マネネ Manene
Species マイム Mime
Height 0.6m (2'0")
Weight 13.0kg (28.6lb)

A jolly Pokémon that likes to mimic people and dance.

ウソハチ Usohachi
Species ぼんさい Bonsai
Height 0.5m (1'8")
Weight 15.0kg (33.1lb)

A Pokémon that likes to pretend to cry. In the movie, it joins Ash and co. by a strange chance.

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