Tokyo’s Pokémon 2019 Press Conference announces a wealth of new information

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Pokémon HOME, Pokémon Masters, Pokémon Sleep and Detective Pikachu games and applications revealed
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  • Thursday, May 30, 2019

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The Pokémon Company has hosted its 2019 Press Conference in Tokyo, Japan and during it announced new information about Pokémon GO, Pokémon Bank and new applications and games called Pokémon Sleep, Pokémon HOME, Pokémon Masters and and there will be Detective Pikachu sequel coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Pokémon Sleep is a new mobile application which be releasing in 2020 that will use a new Pokémon GO Plus + device to track sleep and aims to entertain players after waking up based on the amount of spent sleeping. The Pokémon GO Plus + device can also be used in the same way as a Pokémon GO Plus device in Pokémon GO. After this announcement about Pokémon Sleep during the Press Conference a new event started in Pokémon GO when Snorlax appear more often in the wild and are sleeping and always know the exclusive move Yawn.

Pokémon HOME is an upcoming mobile application with a cloud service which connects to Pokémon Bank, Pokémon Go, Pokémon Let's Go! Eevee and Pokémon Let's Go! Pikachu and will connect to Pokémon Sword and Shield which will become a cloud service like Pokémon Bank for Pokémon Sword and Shield where Pokémon can be stored from all the games and applications mentioned previously but only versions of Pokémon Sword and Shield will be able to withdraw Pokémon from Pokémon HOME. Pokémon can also be traded with friends or online on the Pokémon HOME mobile application. A potential future improvement will allow multiple players in a single location to trade all at once.

Pokémon Masters is new Pokémon mobile game for iOS and Android devices being made by The Pokémon Company and DeNA. Pokémon Masters lets players Pokémon battle in a new way on their mobile devices and it features many well know Pokémon Trainers from various Pokémon video games such as Brock, Misty, Blue, Red, Cynthia, Diantha, Rosa, Lance and Steven. Pokémon Masters will be released during the year of 2019 and more details will be revealed next month in June.

There will be a Detective Pikachu game sequel coming to the Nintendo Switch. The first Detective Pikachu game for the Nintendo 3DS finished with a cliffhanger and this sequel to that game will include a conclusion to that story.

Tsunekazu Ishihara, who is the president of The Pokémon Company, finished the Press Conference presenting a new service in Japan called Pokémon Shirts which sells made-to-order original clothing designs of the first 151 Pokémon on a website. Ishihara announced that the service will eventually be released in more regions including the United States and Europe.

The gallery below has various images and videos from the Pokémon 2019 Press Conference shown for more details about the various games and applications such as a picture of the Pokémon GO Plus +.



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