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Prankster frames YouTube user
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  • Wednesday, December 9, 2009

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The deleted tweets
(Warning: vulgar)

Update:  On further inspection, as well as due to a video posted by the user Giancarloparimango11, it seems that the person who posted the fake Twitter account is not one and the same with him, as the Twitter account updates while he is recording, without him typing on his computer.

Yesterday, Bulbanews reported about a Twitter account that had been registered at the beginning of the month, apparently belonging to The Pokémon Company International. It has been brought to our attention that this account is a fake.

The user "PokemonCompany" today tweeted vulgar comments, calling those users who had followed him in hopes that they would get exclusive Pokémon information "idiots", and then urged them to subscribe to his YouTube channel. Though the tweets linking the Twitter account to the YouTube user "Giancarloparimango11" have since been deleted, several more vulgar tweets directed at those who remained following the account were made in the past hour.

This comes after a large amount of tweets which were made for the user's "Trainer Tuesday", in which he claimed questions would be answered in a manner similar to Poké's mailbag. Nintendo has been contacted about this user, however they have not yet responded. Again, Bulbanews apologizes for reporting this falsity yesterday.

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