Two Pokémon Tretta events announced for Japan

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Winner receives Black or White Kyurem Trophy Tretta
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  • Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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Challenge the Strongest Ever - Kyurem Challenge
Pokémon Smash! Challenge Cup

Two Pokémon Tretta events have been announced for Japan. Pokémon Smash! Challenge Cup will involve the Lucario and Oshawatt of Pokémon Enterprise appearing as Tretta. It will be held from May 25 until May 31.

Challenge the Strongest Ever - Kyurem Challenge will involve battling the Difficulty-S Pokémon - Black or White Kyurem. It will be held between June 1 and June 14.

From the Saturdays to Mondays only lower-school children or lower will be able to participate, other days have no age restriction. If the player defeats the Black or White Kyurem that appears, they receive a Trophy Pokémon Tretta of the Pokémon that they defeated.

All participants receive one of a set of 13 Trophy Pokémon Tretta, and an exclusive sticker whether they win or lose.