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User:Ash's Infernape

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Age: 11
Gender: Male ♂
Country: India India Flag.png

See, I am a team rocket member so ill do blasts off and the motto things for fun. If you have any bad thinkings about it, Say it on talk page. ill see what can i do. Credit to Pokewalker from Pokemon Wiki for the Amazing userpage. I dont know if he stole it from some other. If yes, please let me have the page as i dint steal it from you. Thank you!

I started with a chimchar. i did not pick up items on routes until Heartome city. It was a major point for me, as i worked out that i was good in contests. Still, i only made it up to ultra. I entered contests becuz i thinked that we need to win contests to challenge Fantina (i dint knew that the purple woman was her). I found heartome gym easy while eterna was difficult, as we need to challenge all. afterwards, i was very intrested ahead because my country (at that time) did not have battle dimension. so the world ahead was new. i was most mystified by the tower and the smaller, broken tower. I thought it was related to some gastly (Maiden's peak, fav episode). Till i reached vielstone (the last double battle which was in the way to vielstone, i lost 2 times), i was (imagination only) in friendy terms with maylene because her phrases were sweet. The way to pastoria was very easy, but then crasher wake's gym was very tough. i lost many times to barry and the last sailor on way to wake. After, i got very angry to team galactic for what they did to great marsh. The trophy garden, which i only heard of in bulbapedia, helped me with common pokemon like pikachu. But, most of the other route 212, was swampy, or yucky. i was totally surprised that the girl with the umbrella(ahead of the house) was a trainer. Till i reached carnavale, i loved the steel gym. then since rowan told me to go to valor, i tried to go to the sea. i thinked that the giant sea was lake valor! then when i finally found it and defeated saturn, i thought about dawn and barry. first, i went to verity, and mars was there. her purugly is very hard,, but i managed to defeat it. then i went to acuty, then to snowpoint. snowpoint was very hard (the maze) and i got help from youtube. Afterwards, i first time saw barry giving up and sad. then i went to vielstone galactic hq to defeat cyrus. The way upto spear pillar was hard and i packed lot of repels and potions(maybe, i dont remember potions). i tried to escape the grunts so they dont battle me. distortion world was very hard(the maze), and i took help from youtube. elite four was hard, but i took national pokedex when i first challenged cynthia. since capturing other gen pokemon, i defeat her regularly. i am currently on two things, complete national pokedex and win a master rank contest.
Working On
  • Bulbapedia
    • Help improve Sinnoh articles
    • Check for grammar and spelling mistakes
    • Fill up any missing information
    • Work on BW cities and routes(When they open BP).
    • Upload BW sprites.
  • Life
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