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I've been playing Pokemon games since I got Pokemon Yellow for my Gameboy Color back in the 1990s...or the "Dark Ages" as we call it now. The days before wireless internet or rechargeable battery packs.

I am 21. I still think the Pokemon games are worthwhile, obviously since I'm here, and that they are challenging and entertaining enough to merit the purchase of the games. THE GAMES. The TV show, the movies, the stuffed animals, the action figures, the trading card game, the video game based on the trading card game that is, itself, based on a video game, to heck with all that. Play the game, it's good.

Sorry, rant over.

That's it......

Favorite Pokemon

Eevee and it's evolutions....6 of them. Umbreon, can't learn Crunch, failure of a Dark-type.

Oh and Starmie is the greatest lead monster EVER. Teach it Confuse Ray, Phsychic, Surf, and Thunderbolt. OR get rid of Confuse Ray and give it and Ice Beam. It can beat ANYTHING but Electric types, and those it can confuse.