Victini enters the Trading Card Game

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Battle Theme Deck: Victini to have June release
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  • Wednesday, March 9, 2011

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The Battle Theme Deck: Victini

Coming June 17th, 2011 is the Battle Theme Deck: Victini. Much like the style of the VS Deck Kits released during the DP and DPT eras, it is separated into two half decks, named the "Victini Formation Deck" and the "Victini Coin Toss Deck." Each contains three of six holographic cards: one with Lightning-type Emolga, Colorless-type Audino, and Fire-type Victini, while the other contains Psychic types Cofagrigus and Victini, and Fire-type Simisear. This is both Victini's and Cofagrigus's first releases in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Each deck features 10 Pokémon, 10 Trainer cards, and 10 Energies, as well as a deck building guide.

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