Vulpix available at Build-A-Bear Workshop

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Comes with promotional TCG card
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  • Friday, October 13, 2017

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Online Exclusive Vulpix Bundle

Vulpix plushes are now available from Build-a-Bear Workshop.

On the Build-a-Bear Workshop website, customers can purchase the Online Exclusive Vulpix Bundle, which in addition to the Vulpix plush also includes a reprint of the TCG card Primal Clash Vulpix with the Build-a-Bear logo, a Vulpix Cape, a Poké Ball Sleeper, and Vulpix 6-in-1 sound. The Poké Ball Sleeper is Poké Ball-patterned pajama one piece that cover Vulpix's body; the Vulpix Cape is a flame-patterned cloak that covers Vulpix's body and head. If purchased online Vulpix will be pre-stuffed, which also means that it cannot have a scent placed inside.

In Build-a-Bear Workshop stores in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, customers can purchase the Vulpix plush individually, which comes with the aforementioned TCG card. The Vulpix 6-in-1 Sound can be purchased with any Pokémon plush. The Poké Ball Sleeper is also available for individual sale at Build-a-Bear Workshop stores, but the Vulpix Cape is exclusive to the online store.

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