Welcome to Bulbagarden's fourth annual Christmas Contest

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They'll knock your Sawks off!
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  • Saturday, December 1, 2012
  • Reported on Bulbanews by Adyniz

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Holiday season is here and Bulbagarden is all set to launch its fourth annual Christmas Contest.

We have a range of awesome contests for you guys this year, which include but not limited to, A Long Winter's Path, Create a Winter Pokémon Contest, Pokémon Media Amusement and Battle Center Holiday Havoc.

  • A Long Winter's Path: Our very own scavenger hunt.
  • Battle Center Holiday Havoc: This year, at the Battle Center, the holiday spirit made us want to try something pretty radical. In the past, those with the practice and time have always been able to use better Pokémon (EVs, IVs) than those who didn't have such resources. We've decided to even it out a little by providing the Pokémon this year and seeing what comes of it.
  • Create a Winter Pokémon Contest: The lovely chaps and chapettes of the Artist Alcove, Pokémon World and Video Game sections of the forum have come together to give you all the chance to do something you probably have wanted to for a long time—design a Pokémon, but with a catch: the Pokémon has to be holiday themed!
  • Pokémon Media Amusement: In this contest, we want you to come up with the best Pokémon-related joke. It can be about any Pokémon, character, item, location, etc., as long as the subject is from some form of Pokémon media (e.g, video games, anime, manga, TCG, etc.).

Each contest supplies its rules for entering the contest. You can direct your questions to this thread. This year's contest prizes are the coveted Nintendo 3DS XLs.

Later in the month, our webmaster will present our annual 12 Days contest, so be on the look out.

Best of luck to everyone. May the best Pokéfan win.

Happy holidays, everyone!