Winners announced for the Japanese Representative tournament

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The six of them will represent Japan at the World Championships
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  • Wednesday, June 26, 2013

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Winners have been revealed for the World Championships Japan Representative Decider Tournament, which were held on June 22. This tournament was played on the Black 2 and White 2 games and the first and second place contestants are representing Japan at the Pokemon World Championships on Aug. 22 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The two Junior Division representatives are Kouta Nakamura (中村光汰) and Rin Terasawa (寺澤凜). The Senior Division representatives are Takumi Konno (近野拓実) and Masaki Kimura (木村将輝). With Master Division representatives being Ryusoke Kosuge (小菅良亮) and Yuki Matsumoto (松本悠輝).