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Bulbanews senior writers are users who have been granted powers to write articles by the board of editors. They sit directly above the writers in the Bulbanews staff hierarchy, and are seasoned reporters who understand Bulbanews style and policy.

Senior writers generally have their own particular areas of interest, which are denoted below. If you have a query about a specific news article or news subject, it may be best to ask a writer who understands the section of the franchise to which your question pertains.

List of senior writers

Username Activity Since Location Interests
Funktastic~! Active June 13, 2013 United States Flag.png United States Video games, Events, Merchandise, Manga
Pokemaster97 Active June 13, 2013 United States Flag.png United States Video games, Anime, Events, Merchandise


The senior writer group may be compared to the senior administrator group on Bulbapedia. Senior writers are able to:

  • Write articles without going through the draft process
  • Publish other contributors' articles
  • Edit all protected pages
  • Protect pages from editing
  • Delete articles
  • Block troublemaking users
  • Check user IP addresses
  • Suppress redirects when moving pages

Becoming a senior writer

Writers may be promoted to senior writers after a period of service to Bulbanews in which they have shown that they understand both Bulbanews style and policy. Senior writers may have to interact with the userbase more than writers do, so good people skills are important.

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