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Bulbanews columnists are users who have been granted permission to regularly publish opinion articles by the board of editors. They may also publish news articles.

Columnists choose their own subject and update schedule. Depending on the nature of the column, they may take requests for topics. Opinions expressed by Bulbanews columnists are not necessarily the views of the Bulbagarden network.

As required, Bulbagarden may publish opinion pieces by authors not contracted as a columnist as a one-off or in a short series.

List of columnists

Note that not all authors who are publishing columns via Bulbanews may be included in this list; it details permanent columnists only. Some columnists may be on short or provisional contracts.

Username Activity Since Location Column title Column focus Update schedule
ArchivistGeek Inactive 5 November 2014 United States Flag.png United States Can we catch ‘em all? Media archaeology Weekly
Daniedeter Inactive 15 September 2011 United States Flag.png United States Crunching the Numbers Applications of mathematics in Pokémon Monthly (currently on hiatus)
Xan Hutcheon Inactive 25 April 2010 United States Flag.png United States On the Origin of Species Pokémon origins and biology Weekly (currently on hiatus)
Maxite Inactive 20 February 2014 United States Flag.png United States Upcoming Upcoming


Columnists are able to:

  • Write articles without going through the draft process
  • Edit certain protected pages

Becoming a columnist

New columnists are always welcome. If you have an exciting and original idea for a new column to be published on Bulbanews, do not hesitate to contact the editors.

Several requirements must be met for applicants to be hired as a permanent columnist; these will be discussed on an individual basis. In general, successful applicants would be expected to publish regular pieces of a high quality on a topic of interest to the Bulbanews and Bulbagarden userbase.

List of columns on Bulbanews

The following columns have been published on Bulbanews in recent years. Not all of them are currently releasing new issues.

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