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Bulbanews writers are users who have been granted powers to write articles by the board of editors. While the Bulbanews service is open for everyone to contribute to, writers are hired staff able to publish their own and other contributors' articles.

Writers generally have their own particular areas of interest, which are denoted below. If you have a query about a specific news article or news subject, it may be best to ask a writer who understands the section of the franchise to which your question pertains.

List of writers

Username Activity Since Location Interests
‎Ryu Shoji Inactive March 14, 2013 United Kingdom Flag.png United Kingdom Video games, Anime
神奇超龍 Active June 14, 2013 The Philippines Flag.png The Philippines Anime, Manga
While Bulbanews makes every effort to keep this list updated, this list may contain more recent information.


Writers are able to:

  • Write articles without going through the draft process
  • Edit certain protected pages

Staff members in other Bulbanews usergroups have the powers of the writer group in addition to their own.

Becoming a Bulbanews writer

If you want to be a staff writer for Bulbanews, you must first prove your skill and worth by editing and reporting a range of news articles. Writers are expected to have an understanding of Bulbanews style. Admission to the group is made on consultation with the Board of Editors, who may also take into account your contributions to Bulbapedia, Bulbagarden Archives, and the Bulbagarden forums.

For more information, please contact an editor directly.

Bulbanews staff usergroups
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