March brings new Global Link promotions

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Ducklett skin, Lucario currently available
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  • Friday, March 2, 2012

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Ducklett C-Gear skin

A new month has brought players new Global Link promotions.

Those with Japanese accounts may obtain a C-Gear skin featuring three Ducklett, 「ながよしコアルヒー」. The skin will remain available until April 27, and it requires no password.

On the other hand, those who set their accounts to PAL regions may obtain Lucario through Eurogamer until May 23. These Lucario are much like those made available to Japanese and American accounts previously, having the Ability Justified and the move Bullet Punch. Unlike the previous promotions, however, this promotions does not make use of one-time-use codes:


In other news, the Pokémon Global Link will have an extended maintenance on March 6 for an unexplained reason. On March 15, worldwide registration for the 2012 International Challenge will begin, with the tournament itself on March 22 to 26. As reported, the expected number of participants is 50,000, with 25,000 for those with Japanese games and another 25,000 for those with international and Korean games. Additional information on this tournament can be found here.