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Recent events from the perspective of SOVA

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Speaking on behalf of the [[bp:Save Our Voice Actors|Save Our Voice Actors]] campaign, I would like to address some issues which have recently cropped up.
SpeakingThe onfirst behalfand offoremost theconcern is one which you can probably guess. Recently, an article appeared on [ SavePokéBeach] Ourregarding Voicethe Actors]voice campaign,actor Iissue. wouldIf likeyou tothink addressmyself someor issuesany whichother haveSOVA recentlymember croppedhas upnot read the article, please rest assured that we have.
TheAnd firstbefore andyou foremostask, concernno, iswe oneare whichnot youplanning canto probablyend guess.the SOVA Recently,campaign anbased article appearedsolely on [http://wwwthe PokéBeach]To regardingfully theunderstand voicewhy, actoryou issue.may need Ifto youknow thinkthe myselfdetails orof anyan otherincident SOVAseveral membermonths hasearlier notin readwhich the[ article,WaterPokémonMaster] pleasecontacted restme, assuredand thata weconflict havefollowed.
AndWhen beforehe youcontacted askme, no,he weoffered aresome notinformation planningthat tohe endapparently theheard SOVAstraight campaignfrom basedthe solelyhorse's onmouth-- thea article.Pokémon USA Torep fullywho understandwas why,giving youthis mayto needhim to knowunder the detailstable, ofjust an incident several months earlier in which WaterPokémonMaster contacted me and a conflictto followedhim.
WhenHe he contactedtold me that the situation was that PUSA wanted to keep all the original voice actors, heand offeredso someset informationout whichright heaway apparentlyto hearddo straightsuch. fromThey negotiated, but [[bp:4Kids Entertainment|4Kids]] decided to interfere. It pressured the horse'soriginal mouthvoice -actors into asking for a higher fee than standard-- and the original voice actors did thus. PUSA repsupposedly whocould wasnot givingafford this higher asking price, and so, rather than re-negotiate anything, it had to himturn to cheaper replacements. It signed contracts underwith the tablenew voice actors immediately, justwere topermanent forever and could not be renegotiated no matter what happened-- himperiod.
HePUSA toldwas menot that the situation washappy that PUSAit wantedhad to keepdo all the original voice actorsthis, andbut sosupposedly setit outhad rightno awayother tochoice doin such.its own They negotiated,affairs but 4Kids decided to interfere.hire They pressured the original voice actors into asking for a higher fee than standard - and the original voice actors did thusreplacements. The PUSArep supposedlycalled couldup not[[bp:Veronica affordTaylor|Veronica this higher asking price,Taylor]] and so,told ratherher thanabout re-negotiatewhat anything, theyshe had toheard, turnwhich tomade cheaperVeronica replacementscry. And Theyeverything signedis contractstherefore with4Kids' the new voice actors immediatelyfault, which were permanent forever and couldwe notall behave renegotiated no matter what happened -
PUSA was not happy that they had to do this, but supposedly they had no other choice in their own affairs but to hire replacements. The rep called up Veronica Taylor and told her about what she had heard, which made Veronica cry. And everything is therefore 4Kids fault and we all have to
suffer because 4Kids is pure evil.
I was under a considerable amount of emotional stress when he contacted me. So, I believed every word of it when I first heard it, and per his suggestion and badgering, I was ready to call off the campaign, which he told me was the "right thing to do.". Then, lessfewer than 24 hours later, I had calmed down and gotten the chance to think it all over -- and as you may have already noticed, things in the story didn't add up.
I didn't want to blame WPM -- and I still don't. However, I decided that what I heard from WPM was not concrete enough to end SOVA.
WPM was furious upon hearing about this. He accused me of slandering his websiteWeb site when I did no such thing, and declared that I was clinging to false hopes since what he had given me was infallible truth. He demanded I put an end to SOVA, claiming I was causing trouble by continuing it onwards. His goals became very clear -- for some reason, he was seeing shutting down SOVA as an equivalent of keeping his websiteWeb site reputation in tact, simply because I had doubts about what I had heard. The conflict was only resolved by WPM being banned on [[bp:Bulbagarden forums|Bulbagarden forums]] for a period of time.
And now we come to recent events, in which two paragraphs in his article -- which he again claims to be infallible truth - -have spread like wildfire. In these paragraphs, he does not say that he heard any of this from one source -- rather, that he heard several things from several very different sources, and this is what he has concluded must be the truth. This implies assumption. And as past events have shown, we know where WPM's bias lies.
From SOVA's perspective, the article just isn't enough for us to call off the campaign. There's still far too many points of uncertainty in this entire issue. And, if even after hearing the situation from our perspective, you feel we are making the wrong choice, I apologize -- but I guarantee you that if you were in our shoes, you would understand.
And now, allow me to address some other issues, concerns, and misconceptions about SOVA.
Some people seem to believe our goal is to return the dub to 4Kids. Our loyalty lies with the original voice actors, and no one else. Our goal, therefore, is ultimately for PUSA to hire the original voice actors.
And on the same note, we have never viewed PUSA as an enemy of any sort. Yes, some of us do feel resentment towards them because this issue, as well as anger and resentment towards naysayers of our cause -- and I apologize for this and any lashing out which resulted because of it. The voice actors matter more to us even more than you may realize, and thus it's been a trying, emotional time for many of us. I'm sure many of you have noticed how many people in the Pokémon fandom have turned against each other simply because of this issue. This is not our intent -- our goal from the start was to resolve an issue, not create other issues.
On behalf of SOVA, I would ask that our campaign and those who criticize it bury the hatchet right now. SOVA has known from the start the odds are stacked against the campaign -- and if it wasn't going to stop us in the beginning, it's not going to stop us now. Nothing is a greater waste of everyone's emotional energy, for SOVA members and otherwise, than arguing about this.
We have already accepted that the ninth season will almost certainly not have the original voice actors. No, this is also not enough to end the campaign, nor would be the contract issues which supposedly bar the original voice actors from working on the series -- ''for a specified period of time.'' If we have to keep the campaign running for another year or two, so be it -- but as it stands, we're not planning on dropping the campaign until the original voice actors return or the series ends.
To close things off, I'd like to address the effectiveness and goals of the SOVA campaign.
I can recall prior to this issue discussing with my fellow members of the Bulbacast about how this unbelievably accepting the Pokémon fandom is. There's a reason Pokémon is ridiculed as a massive marketing scheme, and it's not because making gobs of money was [[bp:Satoshi Tajiri|Satoshi Tajiri]]'s original vision. The fandom gives us many great things -- and many sub-par ones as well, which we love and accept as much as the rest. How many of you, despite your complaints about the [[bp:Johto|Johto]] anime season, sat through it and watched every episode? How many of you, despite saying [[bp:Hey You, Pikachu!|Hey You, Pikachu!]] was a waste of money, bought the game when it came out and played it through completely? And, just to use an example from the Bulbacast discussion itself -- if they spun [[bp:May|May]] off and gave her a cheesy, fluffy, eye-candy filler-stuffed shoujoshōjo series, how many of you would watch every episode of it, ''even if you hated May?''
I can guarantee that the numbers are even higher than you might think. We've had a history of being very tolerant as a fandom, putting up with the good and the bad, and only complaining to ourselves about the parts that bothered us. When ''[[bp:The Legend of Thunder!|The Legend of Thunder!]]'' aired, eight or so letters were sent to 4Kids in a campaign because fans were upset with [[hp:Hun|Hun]] being cast as a woman-- and in response, quote [[bp:Madeleine Blaustein|Maddie Blaustein]], 4Kids went out of its way to make sure [[bp:Harley|Harley]] was cast as successfully as possible. For our fandom, ''that'' was a very vocal feedback.
IAnd cannow, guarantee that the numbers are even higher than you might think.if it Wehadn'vet hadbeen afor historyus ofinitially beingspeaking veryout tolerant as a fandom - putting up withagainst the goodchange, andhow themany bad,of andyou onlywould complaininghave toresponded ourselvesas aboutvocally theas partsyou thatdid botheredwhen us.''[[bp:The When LegendMastermind of ThunderMirage aired,Pokémon|The eightMastermind orof soMirage lettersPokémon]]'' werefirst sentaired? toI'm 4Kidsquite incertain athe campaignresponse becausewould fanshave werebeen upsetfar with Hun being cast as a womanmore minimal-- andthat inmany response,of quoteyou Maddiewould Blaustein,have 4Kidsaccepted wentit outeven ofif their way to make sure Harleyit was casteven asworse successfully--and asI'm possible.even more Forcertain ourthat fandom,the ''that'' wasre-dub awould verynot vocalhave feedbackoccurred.
AndThat nowis, ifin ita hadn'tway, beenone forthing usSOVA initiallyis speakingtrying outto againstaccomplish. theWe're change,simply hownot manysatisfied ofwith youthe woulddub havewithout respondedthe asoriginal vocallyvoice asactors, youand didunlike whenalmost Theevery Mastermindother ofinstance Miragein the Pokémon firstfandom, aired?we're going I'mto quitemake certainsure thePUSA responseis wouldaware haveof beenjust farhow moredissatisfied minimal,we thatare. many ofIf you would have accepteda itproblem evenwith ifthis, it was even worseI apologize-- andbut Iwe'mre evennot moreplanning certainon thatchanging the redub would not haveour occurredfeelings.
ThatI is,can inonly ahope way,this onewill thingaid SOVAin is trying to accomplish. We're simply not satisfied withsettling the dubconflict withoutbetween the original voice actors,SOVA and unlikea almost every other instance in the Pokémon fandom, we're going to make sure PUSA is awaremultitude of just how dissatisfied weits arecritics. IfThank you have a problem with this, I apologize - but we're not planning on changing ourfor feelingsreading.
I can only hope this will aid in settling the conflict between SOVA and a multitude of its critics. Thank you for reading.=Information=
* [ Save Our Voice Actors]

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