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→‎Next on TV: In earnest?
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(→‎Next on TV: In earnest?)
! align="center" | [[File:AG155.png|100px]]<br>{{bp|Pokémon Sunday|PS247}}
| align="center" colspan="3" |ポケモンレンジャー登場!セレビィ救出作戦!!<br><small>{{color2|000|Pokémon Ranger (Ranger series)|Pokémon Ranger}} Appears! {{pcolor|Celebi|000}} Rescue {{color2|000|Ranger Net#Rescue Celebi!|Mission}}!!</small><br>映画公開記念直前スペシャル!!<br><small>Special pre-{{color2|000|movie 12|movie}} commemoration!!</small><br>「ポケモンバトルヒーローズ」のポケモンたちと、山本隊員がガチンコダブルバトル!<br><small>{{tt|Member Yamamoto|of Robert}} {{color2|000|Double battle|double}} {{color2|000|Pokémon battle|battles}} in earnest with the Pokémon of ''{{tt|Pokémon Battle Heroes|a Pokémon Center promotion}}''!</small>



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