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Eevee's evolutions now available on Global Link

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blurb=The evolution of Eevee obtained via Poké's Play to Befriend a Pokémon! game will be available via Pokémon Global Link from May 19.}}
[[File:Eeveelutions.png|thumb|Eevee and its evolutions]]
The {{bp|Eeveelution|evolution of Eevee}} obtained via {{bp|Poké}}'s {{bp|Poké online games#Play to Befriend a Pokémon!|Play to Befriend a Pokémon!}} game will be available via {{bp|Pokémon Global Link}} from May 19.
BeforeThese MayPokémon 5th,will pokémon.combe ranat alevel promotional10, gamemale, calledhave Playtheir toHidden BefriendAbility, aand Pokémon[[File:Eeveelutions.png|thumb|175px|right|The obtainable Eeveelutions (excludingknow {{pm|EeveeTail Whip}})]] in which people with a Trainer Club account could obtain an, {{bpm|EeveelutionTackle}} by completing it. The Eeveelution was determined by which orbs the player collected during the game. Those that completeted the game and chose an Eeveelution can download it to their, {{bpm|PokémonHelping Black and White Versions|Black or WhiteHand}} game starting on May 19th. These Eeveelutions will have theirand {{bpm|DreamSand WorldAttack}} abilities.
The game ran from March 28 to May 5. It involved breaking bricks and collecting the type-themed orbs that fell; the number of each type of orb collected determined the Pokémon that will be received. These are unique to the individual player.

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