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Someone remove the over-speculation and reword to avoid paraphrasing other sites. Also, it's game related.
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[[File:647.png|thumb|100px|Could the announcement be the mythical Pokémon {{bp|Keldeo}} or a new game?]]
It is possible that this announcement may be a new game, as {{bp|The Pokémon Company}} CEO {{bp|Tsunekazu Ishihara}} did state earlier this year that there are more surprises coming this year, and Nintendo are having a 3DS-related press conference on the 13th.
However, it is also possible that this might be the official reveal of the {{bp|Mythical Pokémon}} {{bp|Keldeo}}; as this appearance is on the first anniversary of {{bp|Pokémon Black and White Versions}}' release, which had the {{bp|Liberty Pass}} which allowed a player to capture {{bp|Victini}} available from launch.

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