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Bulbanews:Board of editors

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{{staffcard|RexRacerThe dark lord trombonator|156093|Active|Bulbanews Editor-in-Chief|2009|UnitedNew StatesZealand|-+ 512|bio=RexRacerThe dark lord trombonator, or trom, is the head honcho of Bulbanews. Don'tHe beis afraidalso tothe askDeputy himEditor-in-Chief anyof questionsBulbapedia youand Tell him toex-professional writetrombone a better bio while you're thereplayer.|nick=trom}}
{{staffcard|The dark lord trombonator|093|Active|Bulbanews Managing Editor|2009|New Zealand|+ 12|bio=The dark lord trombonator, or trom, helps in the day-to-day running of Bulbanews. He is also the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Bulbapedia and an ex-professional trombone player.|nick=trom}}
{{staffcard|evkl|009|Active on Bulbagarden forums|National Bulbagraphic Managing Editor|2004|United States|- 5|bio=evkl is a former Editor-in-Chief of Bulbapedia and former Head Administrator of the Bulbagarden forums. He is currently the Chief of Staff of Bulbagarden Networks and the National Bulbagraphic Managing Editor.}}
{{staffcard|MAGNEDETH|081|Active on Bulbapedia|Bulbapedia Editor-in-Chief|2008|United States|- 5|bio=MAGNEDETH is the current Editor-in-Chief of Bulbapedia. When he can get away from the wiki, he should write a proper biography here.}}
{{staffcard|RexRacer|156|Active|Bulbanews Editor-in-Chief|2009|United States|- 5|bio=RexRacer is the former head of Bulbanews. He's really busy in real life but don't be afraid to ask him any questions you have. }}

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