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Three shadows unveiled

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The three new Pokémon will debut in the upcoming 8th movie, ''[[bp:Mew and the Wave-Guiding Hero: Lucario|Mew and the Wave-Guiding Hero: Lucario]], in Japan this summer.
Also revealed in this current Corocoro issue is the [[bp:Elemental type|type]] of Lucario — an interesting combination of [[bp:Steel (type)|Steel]] and [[bp:Fighting (type)|Fighting]]. Lucario is seen generatingusing an enery ballenergy attack in the movie 8 trailer, leading fans to believe that it must be at least part [[bp:Psychic (type)|Psychic]] or [[bp:Ghost (type)|Ghost]]. With its dual physical type, however, what could the type of this mysterious new attack be?
While most have suspected that Lucario is theAaron's Pokémon of Aaron, the legendary wave-guiding hero, the tworelationship wereis inactually factthat co-disciples,of disciple and master. CoroCoro speculates that they may ''both'' possessingpossess the mythicalmystical wave-guiding ability which stopped the ancient armoured Pokémon war many years ago.
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