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August 2006 CoroCoro pages leaked to Internet
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  • Wednesday, July 12, 2006
  • Originally reported on NeoGAF

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In addition to the two legendary Pokémon (see Pokémon Diamond and Pearl mascots revealed in full for more details), three new Pokémon have been revealed in the latest issue of the CoroCoro magazine: the Sakura Pokémon Cherimu (サクラポケモン チェリム), the Electricsquirrel Pokémon Pachirisu (でんきりすポケモン パチリス) and the Monsterscorpion Pokémon Dorapion (ばけさそりポケモン ドラピオン).

New Pokémon

Name Cherimu Pachirisu Dorapion
なまえ チェリム パチリス ドラピオン
Species Sakura Pokémon Electricsquirrel Pokémon Monsterscorpion Pokémon
ぶんるい サクラポケモン でんきりすポケモン ばけさそりポケモン
Type Grass Electric Poison / Dark
Ability Flower Gift Run Away / Pickup Battle Armor / Sniper
とくせい フラワーギフト にげあし・ものひろい カブトアーマー・スナイパー
When the sunlight is strong, it opens up like a flower. It can store static electricity in its tail. The claws on its two arms appear to be strong enough to turn cars into scrap metal.
日差しが強くなると、花開くと言われている。 静電気をしっぽにためることができる。 両腕のツメは自動車をスクラップにする破壊力らしいぞ。

Non-player characters

The player's green-haired rival is a childhood friend, and is on a journey for the same reason as the player. Unlike previous games, the rival will sometimes engage in double battle with the player. It is not clear what role the opposite-gendered player character will play in the game.

The villainous organisation in Shin'ō is named Team Galaxy (ギンガ団). Among other things, they try to entice Pokémon to do their bidding, attempt to invite the professor to do research for them and steal people's Pokémon.

New abilities

Lucario's ability, Indomitable Heart (ふくつのこころ), increases speed whenever Lucario flinches.

Flower Gift (フラワーギフト) makes your partner stronger when it is sunny.

Sniper (スナイパー) may cause the power of the attack to increase when a critical hit is achieved.

Perap's ability, Tottering Steps (ちどりあし), increases evasiveness when confused.

New attacks

Lucario's trademark move, Aura Blast (はどうだん) is a Fighting-type move.

Munchlax learns Nature's Blessing (しぜんのめぐみ), which changes type and power depending on the berry it is carrying.

Weavile learns Seize (さしおさえ), which stops the opponent from using items.

Cherimu learns Worry Seed (なやみのタネ), which gives the opponent Insomnia, making moves such as Rest impossible.

Pachirisu learns ? (とっておき, lit. something which is held in reserve), which can only be used when all other moves have been used.

Dorapion learns Cross Poison (クロスポイズン), which has a high critical hit rate and can also induce Poisoning.

Buoysel learns Aqua Jet (アクアジェット), which is a Water-type attack with priority, similar to Quick Attack.

Wi-Fi functionality

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl are capable of using the Wi-Fi functionality of the Nintendo DS, which allows players to connect over the Internet. As with other games, you must get the Friend Code of your opponents before being able to connect. It appears that up to 32 codes can be stored in the game.

You can battle, trade Pokémon and use the internal microphone to talk over Wi-Fi in Diamond and Pearl. This functionality can be accessed via the Pokémon Wi-Fi Club, which is located in the previously revealed Pokémon Center basement.

Touch screen functionality

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl will use the Nintendo DS touch screen for menus during battles, and presumably out-of-battle as well. Players will be able to select items (now organised into HP/PP recovery, Poké Balls, status ailment recovery and for-battle use), attacks, and switch Pokémon simply by using the stylus.